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4 ways to add intimate moments to your wedding day

Big weddings can be a BLAST! Like, SO much fun!

Especially when it’s close friends or family.

However, for the couple getting married it can be a bit of a whirlwind. Months, and sometimes years, of planning can play out so quickly that the intimacy of the day is lost on all the preparation.

Here are 4 ways to add a few special, quiet moments into your wedding day:

Sharing a first look. Granted, your photographer will be there snapping away, but you will get about 20 minutes of time where no one is fawning for your attention and you can appreciate each other and how amazing you both look!

Reading your vows together privately. No photographer. No coordinator. NO ONE. Just the two of you expressing the love you have for each other with no one else listening to the intimate elements of your love

Sharing a private drink or moment immediately after the ceremony. Your wedding coordinator can have it all set up so the two of you can escape to a private room… other than the bathroom… and just take a deep breath and share your first moments as a married couple together

Having a private dance at the end of the night. While your coordinator is rounding up your guests for the send off, ask your DJ to play a special song for the two of you to dance to alone

Small additions like this can help both you and your partner stay focused on the magic of the day and the commitment you’re making to each other.

Not sure how to make these moments happen on top of everything else going on that day? Bitterroot and Blue is here to help!

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