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3 Tips to Pull Off the Best Surprise Wedding

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The average wedding takes roughly a year to plan.

One. Full. Year.

That’s a lot of time and chances are the wedding visions you and your fiancé initially had can get blown out of the water with input from those around you. They can influence you anywhere from the guest list to what song you should have your first dance to. Although they are providing suggestions because they want you to have the best day ever,

It can get overwhelming!

Not to mention, a full year to plan the celebration of your love is a lot. One alternative to circumventing input from your family and friends is to throw a surprise wedding! Here, I’ve outlined a few key elements to pulling off a fantastic surprise wedding.

Hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator!

This person will be your anchor to the entire event from start to finish. Because you’re not telling anyone (ish) about the fact that your party is actually your wedding, you won’t have your friends and family available to help you pull everything off as seamlessly as you would with a more traditional wedding plan.

Your wedding coordinator will confirm vendors, put together your timeline, make sure all vendors show up at their designated delivery times and ensure they all know it’s a surprise, and put all the details together so you can execute a gorgeous surprise!

Only tell the absolutely necessary people

The magic behind a surprise wedding is making it a surprise! The more people who are in on it the more opportunities there are for a slipup to happen and the cat escaping from the bag.

However, make sure your vendors know it’s a surprise. There is always that helpful relative or friends who will call to confirm something the vendor doesn’t know it’s a surprise and then *poof* the surprise is gone.

Create the perfect cover story for the gathering

The engagement party is the absolute best way to gather your friends and family together and share the moment. Whether you announce the surprise shortly after everyone arrives, have a sign posted at the entrance that this is not just an engagement party and you’re actually getting married, or pull off a ‘surprise engagement party’ and show up a bit later all decked out in your wedding outfits, your guests are going to be excited at the honor to be a part of the day.

A surprise wedding is the ultimate way to celebrate your love in a unique and less traditional way while still including all your friends and family.



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